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The weaving has progressed, and it’s almost done – which is nice, because that means we won’t have to bow to my work for too long when crossing the room. The band is fascinating, too – it’s such a simple … Continue reading

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A while ago, I got a commission for a gold and silk band, woven on the rigid heddle. Which delighted me no end, since I just love working with these materials, and I love rigid heddle band weaving, and the … Continue reading

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Things happening here, in no particular order: The cat is sleeping. Well, mostly – sometimes she wakes up and goes “meow”. Sometimes she wakes up and has an itchy ear, which results in something like this: The first seeds from … Continue reading

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Sometimes, I could just go “aaaarrgh” for a whole day. That is usually the case when Stuff Happens (TM)… like the current Stuff with the newsletter list for the Textile Forum. Let me share the sigh-worthy sad story with you. … Continue reading

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Even though we’ve had some snow in the past days, and it is rather cool outside again, I’m all delighted with the garden and how much is blooming there. The day of planting a few tomato plants into nice, large … Continue reading

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As every year, sometime in the spring, planning starts for that certain week-long event in November that makes me exhausted, happy, incredibly tired, stressed out and full of old-textile-y bliss all at the same time. Oh, and full of coffee … Continue reading

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If you are looking for something colourful and nice to do on the weekend of May 21/22 and are in Germany, my friend Margit is doing a full-weekend course in dyeing with plants in Cologne. The course price includes coffee, … Continue reading

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