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Textiles, Trade and Taste – Portugal and the World is a networking project looking at textiles and their trade from the 16th century onward. The project was launched in 2011 and has since developed into a networking group that looks, … Continue reading

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Occasionally, really cool things happen in this world… such as the Met making its images all open access. That means 375,000 images of public domain works to share, remix, or use in any way you want to, under a Creative … Continue reading

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Time for a link roundup again! If you’re interested in experimental archaeology, you might enjoy taking a look at the Butser Farm archives – Butser was one of the first places to do experimental archaeology, and still is a famous … Continue reading

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The next few events are drawing nearer – the European Textile Forum and the Nobilitas-Akademie, so I’m rather busy preparing for these. While the cat, helpful as ever, is sleeping in her cat bed beside my desk, making small adorable … Continue reading

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The 10th Experimental Archaeology Conference will be held in Leiden, Netherlands, on April 20-22 2017. The Call for Papers is still open until September 1, so if you’d like to offer a presentation, you should do so soon. The Virtual … Continue reading

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Here’s a stack of things you might find helpful… Dark Patterns – this is a library of tricks that some websites use to trick you into buying things or doing stuff you normally wouldn’t (such as subscribing to a newsletter … Continue reading

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I have a stack of links to throw at you again – but before that, here’s proof that our garden knows which month we have: These are called Maiglöckchen in German – which literally translates to “May Bells”. The German … Continue reading

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