Your registration for a workshop or seminar is binding as soon as your written registration or registration through the shop system has arrived. The full fee for the workshop has to be paid at the latest four weeks before start of the workshop; if your registration comes in later than four weeks before the workshop, your full fee has to be paid immediately. If you do not pay the fee, you lose your claim to the reserved space. The workshop fee stated is for one person. 

Workshops take place if the minimum number of participants is reached. In case a workshop does not take place because of too few participants, all registered participants are informed three to two weeks before the workshop. In this case, you ae refunded the full amount paid for the workshop.


The number of participants in each workshop is limited to guarantee a high quality of teaching. In case you have registered but need to cancel, cancellation fees apply according to the following: 

10 % of the workshop fee until 31 days before workshop start,
25 % of the workshop fee 30-23 days before workshop start,
50 % of the workshop fee 22-14 days before workshop start,
100% of the workshop fee 13-0 days before workshop start.


You are taking part in the workshops and use the tools and materials provided at your own risk. Not following instructions in the course may result in danger to your health and safety.

These workshop terms and conditions apply in addition to the basic TOC of pallia.

In case your workshop takes place in Erlangen, please be advised that a cat is present in these premises.