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News from Lyon.

A while ago (a good while!), I posted a link to the petition against the closure of the Musee des Tissus in Lyon, France. (If you haven’t signed yet, you can still do so!)

It looked rather bleak for a while, but as far as my French is reliable, it now finally looks as if there is a bit of hope for the museum to stay open. (Link to the French news about the petition by Daniel Fruman.)

Let me try to give you the gist of the text linked above: There was a meeting on March 8, and it was clear that without financial engagement of the Lyon, the museum would have to close. Fourty-eight hours later, a temporary solution has been found that will keep the museum open to the end of this year – so there’s at least some more time to find a permanent solution, and permanent financing.

A second positive thing: More than 100 000 people have signed the petition until now, showing very, very clearly that there is great interest in the museum, and that many people want it to stay open. Some of those who signed are rather well-known, such as Placido Domingo, who also sent a letter to the ministry in support of the museum.

The long-term fate of the museum, however, is still unclear. Closure is still very much possible, and to avoid that, the parties concerned – the state, the region, the village – have to find an agreement within the next nine months.

There is some hope that the museum will stay open. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, you can help by signing – and, as always, sharing.

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