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Back home!

I’m back home from the fair – and it was absolutely wonderful. Lots and lots of really nice and interested people, lots and lots and lots of interesting stalls with fibres, knitting knick-knacks, yarns and other things that one might totally need. There was very delicious brioche, and there was coffee, and to our complete and utter delight, we had friendly people come right to our stall and bring us some of it. Several times! Heaven indeed! (If you’ve ever been a sole trader running a stall at a fair, you will know exactly how wonderful that is. If you have never had that experience – imagine you are stuck at your stall all day long, with no possibility to go anywhere. If you need to go to the toilet, you have to wait for a spot with few or no visitors, which will be rare if the event is going well, and ask one of your stall neighbours to keep an eye on your things for a moment. You bring your own food so that you have something to eat right where you are, because you don’t know if you can get away to buy something. Getting coffee brought to you, and something to eat, is thus more than just getting coffee. It’s a gesture that says “we understand that you are working hard here, we know you can’t get away and have a look at all the other wonderful things, and we appreciate what you are doing, so have some coffee”, and that is touching in a very special way. Also, coffee. Being more awake and getting a pick-me-up is something you can always use at a fair!)

Oh, and of course the absolutely beautiful museum. If you have the chance to visit Wackershofen, do go – the grounds are beautiful, there are utterly colourful show gardens with plants that were typical for rural gardens, old breeds of animals, and a huge variety of different houses. The weather on the weekend was also beautiful, really warm and summery – alltogether, the weekend was about perfect.

I shared one of the most beautiful (and fitting) rooms with Margit, the room with the loom in house 3a. We ended up with the loom mostly hidden behind colourful wool, though – the room was beautiful, and very well lit with its many windows, but there was no better place for the stands with the yarn than right around the loom.

My corner of the room looked like this:


and as you can see, I had a lot of fun – both at the stall, where there were many interesting chats, and during the spinning workshop on Sunday. I even got to hang out with my parents who visited for both days, and my Mum took a turn selling at the stall on Sunday morning while I gave the workshop. (This also allowed me to take a little time off and have a bit of a look around, so nice.)

A wonderful weekend indeed!

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