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You Like Knitting Old Stuff?

If you like to knit and would like to do so in the name of science (yay!), or like to spin in the same name, there’s a recent project about Knitting in Early Modern Europe looking for volunteers to do just these things. The main task at the moment is spinning yarn to specifications taken from the original items, then knitting small round swatches and fulling them. This is done to test theories on cap construction without having to knit a full cap (which is rather a lot of work compared to knitting a few smaller swatches).

To join the KEME volunteer team, you will be required to fill out an online form, and you can get instructions for spinning and knitting from team member Rosalind. Read more about the project in their first newsletter, and their second one. (These also contain contact data for Rosalind – I’d rather not get her extra amounts of spam by posting her mail address right here…)

Feel free to tell a friend or three if you think they’d be interested, too!


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