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Something Cheerful.

Well. I took a deep breath, and then I did the final calculations for the wonderful weaving project that ended up exploding… so now I have the numbers, and I can tell you: they are not pretty. Not pretty at all.

I’m normally not that far off with my work-time estimates, but there were a lot of unknowns in the project this time, and I did underestimate some of them. So it would have been a non-perfect estimate even without all the explodening – but well, that’s how you learn. Or, as a friend of me likes to say: “Lernen durch Schmerzen, Wissen bildet Narbengewebe” (more or less literally: Pain makes you learn, knowledge forms scar tissue).

Which means… the next time around, I’ll be smarter, and I’ll do calculate things a bit differently. Next time around, we’ll also have some more knowledge of how to approach a project like this, and know some more about the vagaries and ficklenesses of handspun yarn.

Anyway, I needed something to cheer me up after that, and what could be more cheerful than shiny gold and silk? So I sat down and did a bit of a test weave, and the result is this:


Sorry that picture is not better – that gold stuff is really, really hard to photograph!

The band is about one centimetre wide, made from (chemically dyed) silk (the good old Gütermann two-ply) and gold thread. It looks fantastic, pictures don’t do those gold things justice… and it did make this day much, much nicer.

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