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Ah, these angles.

There’s been some more weaving yesterday, and some more preparing for an upcoming course I’ll be giving at the Uni of Paderborn. I’m all excited about it – it will be a three-day seminar regarding old and forgotten textile techniques and reconstruction, ranging from a look at spinning to the reconstruction of historical tailoring techniques.

As usual, though, it means that I need to prepare a slew of slides in Powerpoint – which is a time-consuming task even if you have a lot of practice at it (which I do). Part of this is because I’ll be integrating some of my new-found knowledge about the changes in twist from spinning to woven cloth, and that means sitting down and measuring out things (which I’d need to do anyways for my own documentation plus the upcoming other talk about spinning at NESAT, but the course in early April means I have to do it right now).

Also as usual, going into a new(ish) direction of research means the opportunity to get sidetracked… in the current case, that is me looking for a good software for measuring out and marking down angles in spun threads. I know that the Dinolite microscope software can do that, but I’ve tried it and it refuses to open my pictures, so no joy for me there. There’s a measurement function in my (ancient) CorelDraw, but it needs a lot of prodding and tweaking to look nice, and even worse, it doesn’t always leave the measures where I made them. ImageJ lets me do the measurements and lists the results in a table, but I haven’t made the drawn angles stick on the image yet. So I’m still looking – and hopefully I’ll find something suitable soon!

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