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Angles again.

Here’s one of the things I played around with regarding spinnning angles – an overlay of several measurements by several people on the same yarn picture.


It’s hard to see, but you’ll hopefully be able to make out the angles drawn onto the thread. I find it fascinating that about nobody picked the same spot, and that the results are so mixed (which is probably due to my spinning).

I’m also fascinated by another comparison – two threads, one of which was spun quite a bit firmer than the other one. Measuring the angles, though, gave almost the same result for both. Was that a fluke of my measuring? (I’ll probably do a few more measurements to find out…)

Anyway – it stays interesting. And it makes me wonder how reliable the spinning angle is… though I’m quite convinced that there is not a better thing to be found for the archaeological or historical textiles. Sigh.

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2 Responses to Angles again.

  1. affreca says:

    Feel free to disregard, but have to tried to measure twist angle of a heathered yarn? I would think it would be easier to see individual fibers if they were differing colors.

    • Katrin says:

      Yes, I did measure heathered yarn, or at least yarn with light and darker fibres. The fibres are easier to see (though with a good picture, the difference does not seem so huge), but the problem with the irregularities is still there. Also the fibres don’t lie all nicely aligned, but can have a different angle on the outside as compared to the real twist. (I’m not sure if this is understandable?)

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