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Off to Fair Adventures!

I’ve been busy, busy, busy today, packing up for the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe, with all the usual last-minute shenanigans that turn up when prepping for a fair. The whole flat, at the moment, is looking like a bomb dropped somewhere. Boxes are stacked up here and there, my to-do list has exploded (because I’ve jotted down all the small things that still need to be done, so I don’t forget anything), and I’m in the usual before-the-fair frenzy. It’s a bit like stage fever, and of course, when you’re in the middle of the prep, other stuff turns up that has to be dealt with… urgently. (Hellooooo website issues. If you’ve been over in the shop section and had troubles – I’m sorry. I’m trying to deal with it as soon as possible.)

Overall, it’s looking okay, though. There’s a bit of packing and sorting still to do, which means I’ll be busy some more, but I’m not desperate (yet), and it looks like I won’t need to do an extra-long night shift.

Tomorrow morning, then, I’ll pack all that stuff into the car, get some food ready for the fair days, and drive there. Then we’ll set up the stall and probably have an early night to be fit for the three days of fair. So – there will be no blogging from tomorrow until Tuesday, when I will be back (and hopefully will have caught up on sleep a little bit, too).

If you are coming to the Nadelwelt, drop by at our stall and say hello! I’m sharing with Margit from Alte Künste again, we’re at F 2.3, and we’re always happy to meet blog readers!

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