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Working on it. All of it.

I’m still not finished with my homework from the fair, I have to cut down on the time I need for my NESAT presentation (aaaargh it is way, way too long still, there are about 7 minutes to cut from it), and there are still a few website issues to solve… though I hope I have most of them done now.

The shop should be running smoothly again now, and I have finally changed the slightly weird ordering for the linen bands (in units of 10 cm) to “normal” ordering per metre, with the possibility to enter decimal numbers, so you can now get, for instance, 1.6 metres. (As always, if you have feedback, or find something that does not work as expected, please do let me know. I’m really thankful for that – I try to test things, but it is so easy not to catch glitches, especially with all these different browsers and screen formats these days.)

I’ve also finally added an option on how customers would like to be addressed – formally or informally. This is more of an issue in German language, where there’s the informal “Du” with first name and the formal “Sie” with last name. In Living History circles, it’s rather usual to use the informal address, but not everybody ordering in my shop is a LH person, and you can annoy people either way when addressing them in the wrong way (or the unexpected way). It’s easy for me when someone goes “Hallo Frau Kania” in their mail, or “Hallo Katrin” – then I’ll just pick the same style. Many enquiries, however, have no such hint, and I know even less which way to pick when I have a question regarding an order.

So if you have a customer account, you can now pick whether you want formal or informal address, and I finally have a way to tell what people expect from me. Yay! (Provided it gets filled out – because it’s non-obligatory so as not to annoy people.)

Now there’s just a few smaller issues to solve, like the backup only working under php 5.x instead of the 7.x which I’d prefer to switch to. Probably due to some other thing throwing stuff into the gears, though I have not found the culprit yet.

I also had an issue with this blog today – I suddenly lacked all admin rights, which was rather annoying. (Imagine entering your blog space and finding you have no access to anything…) Fortunately (haha) I already had this issue once before, so I sort of knew what to do, and a quick google and a bit of mucking around in the phpMyAdmin database later, here I am, blogging happily at last, if a little later than intended…

And now for some dinner. And then for some deep thinking on how to slim down my presentation. Twenty minutes, folks. Twenty minutes is just sooooo short…

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