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Teaching dates!

There are a few workshop opportunities coming up in autumn – one of them is the spinning workshop that I’ll be giving in Bielefeld at the Ravelry meeting. Courses are online now, and can be booked via the website

There’s another workshop event, though, that I am very excited about – a while ago, I was contacted regarding a meet-up with workshop opportunities, and after a bit of calendar wrangling, Anja and I were able to fix a date, she managed to find a beautiful spot to run the event (it’s in a youth hostel in a castle, how fitting), and now we’re happy to announce that there will be a weekend of workshops on October 20 – 22:


I’m especially excited about the tablet weaving workshop, which is a concept I’ve been brooding about for quite a while.

If you’re interested, all booking is handled by Anja, who is organising the whole thing (and I’m very grateful she does this, it is lovely to not be on that end for a change). If you have questions regarding the workshops, you can either ask Anja or me!

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