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Birka Literature.

Birka is a rather well-known find place for quite a few textiles, including tablet-woven bands, and a frequently cited resource. The publications are not the newest, and in this case, it’s in our favour – they are old enough to be offered as pdf files, for free, on the site of, the Swedish history museum.

You can find the Birka publications here, and if you have a bit of time, also check out their English homepage – which even features a test where you can find out which character from the Norse mythology you might be. (It tells me I’m Skadi… and something about me not minding deadlines, because I’m already done when they approach. Ah, if only.)

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  1. Beatrix says:

    Great minds work alike. I just did the test and I´m Skadi too. Must be a textile thing.

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