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There’ll be a new Doctor.

A few years ago (well, quite a few by now), I got introduced to Dr Who. And I totally, utterly and completely loved it.

I slowly fell out of love with the current story, first when Matt Smith did the Doctor (I just couldn’t get to really like his version), and then more and more as Steven Moffat, as the showrunner, left his marks all over the stories. Monsters changed. Storylines became… weird. We stopped watching. (Which, in our case, also meant we stopped buying – because we have no TV, so any films or series we like, we buy to watch.)

Now, however, Steven Moffat is leaving Dr Who, handing the mighty pen over to somebody else (whose work I don’t know at all, so I’ll let myself be surprised). And furthermore, a few days ago, the 13th Doctor was revealed… who is, all by herself, a reason for me to give this wonderful series another chance to win its way back into my heart. And onto my screen.

So… 2018. Well, probably a bit later, as we’ll have to wait for the DVDs to come out… but then, it’s only time, right?

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