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Time for the Summer Break.

It’s already the start of August, and thus it is high time for a summer break! Our time off will include some time spent abroad with friends, and I’m so looking forward to that – usually we have the summer break a bit earlier in the year, and it really was noticeable somehow.

So, just like every year, this blog will go on summer break too, to relax, recuperate, and forget that things like work even exist.

It will magically update again on August 29 – when I will hopefully have caught up with accumulated email, wrestled down all the things that popped up during the break, and there will be new things to be looked at, and new exciting stuff to be undertaken.

So – have a good summer, everyone, and I hope you’ll be back at the end of August, just like me!


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  1. Harma says:

    Enjoy and have a nice time.

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