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Part of category “fun things I get to do under cover of my day job”: filming. In the most current case, filming a short explanatory video about the oil light swimmers that I carry in the shop – to show when I’m at fairs.

I’m still completely delighted with the fact that a company in Nuremburg has been making these oil light swimmers for way more than a hundred years. I absolutely love using them as the eco-friendly (and cheap!) alternative to tea lights. No aluminum waste, no pricey beeswax tealights, and there’s vegetable oil in the kitchen anyways, so also no extra space required.

The concept of this kind of lighting, though, has been out of common use and knowledge for so long that the little round and tri-bladed thingies need a lot of explanation when they sit on the table in my market stall – so I’ve played with the idea of making a bit of an explanatory video for a good while now. Finally, this has happened, and it ate most of yesterday’s work time.

Just like taking good photos of things, it’s not as easy as it seems to take a good video of things. It can be astonishingly hard to keep everything inside the frame – good thing I’ve been doing theatre stuff before, so I knew about the magic that can be wrought by a few bits of tape at key places.


Video setup. It’s not looking very spectacular, is it?

Also there was a problem with the SD card I used in the first go, so I got to take all the shots again. Sigh. Now the video-ing part is all done, and only (hah!) the cutting and text-setting part remains – which will hopefully not take a lot longer, so I can take the video along to Bielefeld…

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