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Back home!

I’m back home, there’s an insane to-do list (which includes my fair homework, of course and as always after a fair), and here’s pics, as requested, to prove it did happen…


The beautiful baroque garden and, in the background, the Orangerie. The garden was incredibly and delightfully colourful, with lots and lots of different flowers in bloom, and we had good, sunny weather almost all of the time – so the visitors were really in for a treat.

There were, of course, also a few water basins with fountains. It was a proper baroque garden, after all.


I was in the left-hand wing of the Orangerie, almost exactly opposite the door – a lovely spot to stand.


To make things even nicer, I had wonderful stall neighbours: Gunhild Fette, who teaches hand-quilting, and Monika, who runs a yarn shop in Ochsenfurt. Monika had also brought her friend who demonstrated tablet-weaving and nalebinding, much to my joy and delight, as I could send everyone interested in the techniques over to her instead of making do with my small demo objects behind the stall counter.

And this was my view from my workplace:


Not so much to be seen from the garden, but the windows were gorgeous by themselves – and the autumn colours on the hillside were a treat to look at, too.

So it was a really nice three days to spend (though, as fairs tend to be, fairly exhausting). Now it’s back to the old list of things to do, taking care of shop orders and emails and getting back on track, quickly, to be finished with the preparation for the next few events and other things coming up. Next on the list: the reconstruction project for the Bernuthsfeld bog body tunic…

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2 Responses to Back home!

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for the photos! It looks lovely.

    I’m rationed to one garden per time away unless I can argue it.

  2. Lena says:

    That looks like a fabulous place! I’m sort of glad I wasn’t there, as I’m sure I would have spent way too much money at the fair. But maybe some other time?

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