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Just surfacing for a blip.

I’m here, back from a little break, and I’m still working on stuff. Like the tablet weaving thing – here’s the current status:


You see some bits of wild playing around, followed by the start of weaving a coat of arms. You can also see the width difference between plain tablet weave (the diagonals) and twill, which is a good bit looser and thus the threads snuggle closer to each other, making the band narrower.

What you cannot see is that there is a mistake in the last pick, which needs, thusly, to be un-woven. What you also cannot see is that I did get a few more lightbulbs, but there’s still a crick in my brain when it comes to finishing the coat of arms with the stuff that comes on top… well. I’ll be working on that some more in the next days. I still have a few of them left.

I will probably not manage to do this and find the time (and brain!) to blog, so – while I’m sorry to announce a bit of blog silence right after a bit of blog silence – I’ll say, for my sanity and peace of mind, that I will be back after the Textile Forum week and a bit of recuperation. Which means November 16.

Somebody really packed my calendar full of stuff…

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One Response to Just surfacing for a blip.

  1. Cathy Wycliff says:

    About tablet “card” weaving–I took a half day course in tablet weaving while touring in Norway, and I can say absolutely that it was the most difficult fiber art I ever tried. I was going bonkers after half an hour but persisted and ended up with a band just big enough to wrap around my wrist.

    I give you a lot of credit for being able to teach this difficult craft!

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