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Almost back to normal.

The stacks on my desk have shrunk a bit (at least enough so that I don’t get an instantaneous flight reflex when entering the room), the cat is happily draped over my forearm again, putting her paw on my touchpad at the most inopportune moments, and most of the stuff that I dragged half across the country is back in its proper place on the storage shelf.

Not that I’m out of things to do, mind you – there’s more sorting to do, the stack of emails is still towering, and of course after the season is before the next one. Which means there’s planning for events, planning for markets, and planning for the next Textile Forum.

Especially the latter is interesting, as we’re considering making a few changes to the programme structure, and to the conference as a whole. The aim of these changes will be to become more accessible to participants who can’t spend a whole week at a conference. Of course, we want to get it right, so I’m currently working on a little survey to send around. There are also plans to slightly re-structure the website and to add some more things as information about past experiments, tests, trial runs and topics. It’s all very exciting, and I hope the survey will give us a good amount of feedback on which to act, so that our little conference can saunter on into the future, doing an even better job at connecting people from the practical side of historical crafts to researchers looking at the actual pieces.

Like everything, making a survey turns out to be a time-eater, though. And even if I’m tempted to go on straight away working on it… I’ve already done enough survey drafting for today – I need to get a few other things done.

Such as putting the remainder of the goods into their place. And finally finishing an article that is due…

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