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Stuff from around the ‘Net

Aarhus Press is offering “Warfare and Society ” as the free e-book of the month, looking at the connections between war and society. This is a complex topic, and the book looks at the connections from anthropological, historical, philosophical and political aspects. You can download the book here.

Ask the Past gives you a 1798 recipe for Snowballs – which seem to be baked apples glazed with a baiser-like concoction. It does sound interesting, though the recipe is a bit short on details.

EXAR is having a Call for Papers for the next conference, which will take place in Unteruldingen, September 27-30. You can find the CfP here; the conference used to be rather heavy on the German side regarding the papers, but it has been several years since I was last able to attend due to time conflicts, so that may have changed.

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4 Responses to Stuff from around the ‘Net

  1. kareina says:

    I guess the “hot paste” mentioned is one of those pie crust doughs made with hot water that often writes about?

  2. Bruce says:

    Aarhus have just (February 2018) re-thingied their web site and the free e-books have gone missing.

    • Katrin says:

      Yes, seems there is no free e-book anymore. Thanks for the heads-up – it was good while it lasted, the e-book offer, but I can understand that they are not doing it forever…

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