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Finally… we’ve seen The Last Jedi.

Well, yes, at some point in time I manage to crawl out from under my comfy rock and actually do things that war the things to do at the moment… like go and watch The Last Jedi. We’d been planning to do that all the while, but first there was this and then that and now we finally managed.

I won’t spoiler sthings, in case you have not seen it yet, but I can tell you I absolutely loved it, and that I found many, many interesting aspects and things in the dialogue. The film brings closure to some open questions, and it also opens up the way for a new beginning, and I do hope the filmmkers will go on in a similar way. I really liked how the characters were portrayed, and that there was not so much black-and-whilte as many subtle hints at things being grey, squishy, and not cut-and-dried at all. Some acts would be fine in some circumstances but not in others. Sometimes it is better to retreat than to fight. And the force… belongs to everyone.

There were a few spots where I found it a little overdone for my taste – the comic relief, in some cases, seemed a little much for me. But that’s just a minor flaw, and I’d happily watch the film again.

Also… I’m looking forward t the next one in the sequence. I have hopes for exciting things to happen. Probably also soome sad things… but that’s how the universe rolls, right?

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