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Current State of Things.

I’ve been wrapping up the GDPR things in time (which included software updates and some more reading) for the website and the Textile Forum website, worked on the CfP (which you will also get here, tomorrow) washing wool, getting ready for doing the taxes (which means getting the bookkeeping up to scratch first), and marveled at the strong rain falling down the past days. It’s as if nature tries to make up for the too-dry first months of the year now!

There’s still a good number of things I feel like I’m way, way behind on, but at least some of the urgent stuff is out of the way now and I can move on to things that are on that list now. And, hopefully, make some progress before the next thing comes barrelling in to destroy all my well-made plans.

So. Let’s see what the next weeks will bring…

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