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Status here.

I spent yesterday doing research stuff in the library, and today is earmarked for getting things finished – things like getting the fibre sample packs into the shop.

This is how the almost-done stage of that task is looking:


A huge heap of bags, ready to go into even more bags (so I have the sets nicely held together for direct sale) or boxes (if you buy it in the online shop).

In other status news: One of my backup disks in the RAID is failing, so there’s IT stuff to be taken care of. I’ve finished knitting the right front of my Cushing Isle, which means there’s currently nothing on the needles until I get to cast on for the first sleeve. (Which will happen, at the latest, on Saturday.) There was rain during the last days, which means I can go on with my wool-washing spree. I’ll have two friends visiting, one after the other, during the next week… and a summer break is coming up, and I’m so, so much looking forward to that!

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