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Summer Break!

Like every summer, I am taking a break from doing the things I love but that are still work – so there will be no sending out of orders from the online shop , and there will be no blogging until the end of my summer break on August 12.


Summer! Hanging out with friends! Doing fun stuff!

Just to dampen any feelings of jealousy or awe you might get now – I’ll not be on holidays for the whole time. Yes, I’d love that, but alas – a good chunk of the time is set aside to finally take care of some things that are never getting done in the day-to-day business-as-usual business, such as taking stock, trying to solve a few website problems, getting the shop software up to date again, working on some ad and info material, finishing a paper or two, and so on.

There will be a healthy chunk of doing nothing, too, though, and probably some additional ice cream, and there will be a bit of holidays and getting out and doing things that are purely fun.

So – have a lovely time, and I’ll see you back here on the blog on August 13!

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  1. Harma says:

    Have fun.

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