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Knitting News.

There’s been some knitting in the past weeks – not insane amounts, mind you, but a little bit.

The Cushing Isle Sweater went on a little hiatus while we were on our paddling trip – I had almost finished the first sleeve, and I did not want to run out of knitting while on holidays, which would have been a distinct possibility… so something else needed to take over for a bit.

Enter Siren Song, a pattern for a scarf which needs an appropriate amount of yarn to make something out of the hand-spun mix I still had hanging out here, all 458 m of it:

And that was about all I managed to knit during the paddling trip. (It’s more than it looks like, though, since the scarf is knit lengthwise…)

So now that we are back, the cardigan is back on top of my knitting list, and by now the first sleeve is finished and the second one is underway.

I’ve also done a little testing to make sure the buttonholes will fit the buttons I have for it, and I’m all excited to get this one all done and finished… also because there’s another lovely pattern lined up and waiting to be knit: Vodka Lemonade.

There might have been a little accident this weekend where I happened to mix up left and right. I might have turned right into Margit’s room instead of left into mine, and while getting my bearings, I might accidentally have picked up enough yarn for me to knit said Vodka Lemonade cardi.


(The colourway is called “Honigtopf”, honey pot. How fitting.)

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One Response to Knitting News.

  1. Heather says:

    Devastating! And that wool looks so lonely and bereft now it’s been removed. The only answer is to knit it together again, restoring its sense of purpose and identity…

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