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Baking Stuff.

As you can probably tell from the rather late blog, I’m not yet back in the groove. I’m working on it, though – as on what feels like a gazillion of other things. Plus, there’s some baking going on, because obviously the new oven has to be tested. Thoroughly.

I’ve made, for the first time in my life, “Ofennudeln” – which is either a dessert or a sweet main dish, consisting of a yeast dough either unfilled and eaten with compote or apple sauce or vanilla custard, or filled with something – such as sweetened Quark and plum jam. These will definitely happen again – I really liked them. (One of the reasons why I had to make a yeast dough: The oven has a shiny programme for quality raising time for the dough.)

The latest experiment, though, was not so successful. I’ve been pondering trying out bean brownies for a good long while now, and I finally got around to doing this. The main reason this time was weird beans that stayed dry and unpleasant on the inside even after being boiled for a good long time… so I decided to puree them and turn them into bean brownies. The second reason? A new variation on the topic of baking frame – a silicone band with magnets that latches onto the baking sheet in almost any shape.


The baking band works very well. The bean dough recipe also results in something edible, though the Most Patient Husband is really not impressed with the stuff, and I would file it under “yes, edible, but not happening again”. The texture is neither properly cake-like nor properly brownie-like; I can definitely taste the beans, and it’s not very chocolatey. I don’t find the texture unpleasant, but it’s unexpected and somehow not fitting the idea of brownies.

So that is not going into the stack of recipes that will be made again…

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6 Responses to Baking Stuff.

  1. Christa Schwab says:

    Bei uns heißt das Buchteln. Die gibt’s auch in ganz klein als Dukatenbuchteln. Traditionell gefüllt mit Marillenmarmelade. Ich verwende am Liebsten Himbeer:)

    • Katrin says:

      Buchteln kenne ich auch als Name dafür, aber Dukatenbuchteln waren mir neu. Ich bin ja großer Fan von Pflaumenmus in sowas, aber Marillen klingt auch verlockend…

      • Christa Schwab says:

        Die werden dann ganz eng in eine Backform gesetzt und sehen dann, wenn sie gebacken sind halt tatsächlich ein bisschen aus wie ein Häufchen Golfmünzen 🙂 Powidl mag ich auch sehr. (Ist das überhaupt das Selbe wie euer Pflaumenmus? Powidl wird ganz dick eingekocht, bis es fast schwarz ist. Hmmmmmm 🙂 )

        • Katrin says:

          Hmm… klingt fast so, als müßte ich das auch mal probieren. Powidl ist unser Pflaumenmus, zumindest das, was ich als Pflaumenmus bezeichne, und ja, das hat fast schwarz zu sein.

  2. Heather says:

    Lime mackerel also fits the description of not unpleasant, edible, but not happening again.

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