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Aaaand… another one.

I hope you’re not bored to death yet with my posting of tablet-woven animals but, well, you guessed it – I’ve made another one, and I have nothing better to do than share it here:

Starting this was a little bit more difficult than I had anticipated, if only because I was not able to tell left from right properly, and had originally planned something that does not work – so it took a few tries before I was able to set off.

I also learned that there are some things that have to be done in sets of four, not sets of two picks, which is why there is some wonkyness at the base of the neck (the bit at the bottom would have been avoidable, but I was too lazy to un-weave two picks).

Despite all of this, I managed to get out at the end with much less muddle than I had at the end of the horse, so things are getting better – and with the new rule to add to the set, there should be even less muddle next time.

And now I’m wondering what I should weave next… though I probably should do some other things first for a change. These critters eat a lot of time!

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2 Responses to Aaaand… another one.

  1. Harma says:

    Did you look at the pictures of the St. Donat weavings in detail? That weaver avoided the muddle after a figure by going from broken twill strait back to double face. All the parts between the figures seem to be double face. Much easier to get your starting position correct if you sort the tablets just before starting a figure than building on an excisting set of twill lines.

    • Katrin says:

      I think the switch to doubleface has nothing to do with the muddle per se, but more with efficiency – it’s easy to switch to doubleface by idling or double-turning every second tablet as they stand in my twill setup, and then it’s a simple two forward, two backward for each of the packs, which is very quick to weave and gives the solid-coloured background. Then it’s possible to sort the tablets when going back into the “motif mode” again, getting the correct starting position that is required; though for me, right now, it’s actually easier to sort all the tablets for a slant in one direction and then switch where necessary. Probably something that will be easier with a bit more practice, though.

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