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Knitting News.

There has been holiday knitting, and there has been non-holiday knitting.

The difference between those categories, by the way, is that holiday knitting has to be

a) easy enough to be worked on trains, buses, and planes, so no utterly elaborate lace or other things that require me to look into instructions all the time,

b) a large enough project to make sure it will last the whole of the holidays, yet

c) small enough (or divisible into small enough parts) for me to take along.

Non-holiday knitting does not need to be any of this. Now an almost-finished cardi definitely does not fall under holiday knitting, so Cushing Isle stayed at home, where it has seen some more action now. So much action, in fact, that both sleeves are now finished and have been blocked.

As you can see, I’m still not the Queen of Blocking Things To The Same Size On The First Try… they did get to be similarly sized, though, eventually, and now they are waiting to be seamed up. Then they will be waiting for the button bands to be finished (I’m still picking up stitches for that), and then, eventually again, there will be a new cardi in my wardrobe.

Which is nice – because there’s the next project already waiting!

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