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Guinea Pigs needed.

I need some guinea pigs. Or, as the Germans call it, “Versuchskarnickel”.

I have mentioned I was planning to make a video workshop on the pattern-free tablet weaving method, right?

Well, the “planning to” has progressed to “I have a script, and a camera, and I am getting started”. Which is nice. However, since this is the first thing in that line of work, and since I want to make sure that what I am doing is going to work for those who will be watching the videos, I need some guinea pigs to give me feedback on the test runs of the lessons.

What does that mean? It means I will send you download links to the videos I have made, taking you through the course from start to finish, with probably some wait times inbetween as things get into the way or I get sidetracked or have technical issues. You will be getting test run videos that are probably badly cut (I will not invest oodles of hours into the test run) and contain the occasional verbal blunder. Some of them will not be made with the final materials.

Your task, if you are joining the merry band of furry victims, will be to watch the videos, follow the instructions, and tell me everything that was not good, not clear, not helpful, or otherwise shitty. (And yes, I fully expect to hear a lot of “this was shitty” – after all, it’s first steps in many regards for me.) That starts with the instructions themselves, obviously, but goes on to camera work and camera angle, lighting, or maybe just the fact you find that my beheaded upper body is twitching too much while holding shears and bits of yarn into the camera. (I will also ask you to provide your full contact data, and sign an agreement form that you will not pass on or publicise the videos or parts of them in any way.) I’m not keen on hearing that I am doing a lot of things badly, but I much prefer hearing about them from a band of testers with minds steeled against weird takes than from the paying customers later on.

What do you need to join in? Basically, just the will to do it, and enough time for doing the tablet weaving according to the instructions. It will eat some hours, as it is a slow task, but if you are interested in this, you will probably find it fun and not tedious. You do not need to be an expert in tablet weaving – in fact, I’d be happy to have one or two absolute beginners in the group, and you will be able to follow along just as well, as we’re doing the system from scratch.

You will also, apart from your general willingness, a way to watch the downloaded videos, and the time to do stuff and then give me feedback, need 30 tablets plus yarn to weave with… and two points to tie your warp to. There will be a video bit about tools and materials, so you’ll be informed properly. (Or so I hope.)

I am aiming for about a dozen folks. So… if you are interested, let me know via mail, or contact form, or through the comments here – preferably with a short summary of your previous tablet weaving experience, so I can get a basic idea, and I’ll get back to you with further info!

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13 Responses to Guinea Pigs needed.

  1. Ilse says:

    Ich melde mich gerne als Versuchskaninchen und absoluter Anfänger!
    LG aus Wien,

  2. Christine Erber says:

    Da wär ich auch gerne dabei – bin gerade dabei Brettchenweben zu lernen…
    LG Christine aus Graz

  3. Simone Elei says:

    Da wäre ich auch gerne dabei! Webe seit ca. einem Jahr, krieg es also hin. Außerdem fotografiere ich und kann sicher bei Licht usw beitragen. Und mein Mann macht selbst Videos für Youtube, ich würde ihn dann zwangsverpflichten für Tipps 😉

  4. Linden says:

    Hi, I’m a beginner but would love to do this. I really want to learn tablets without relying on patterns for an experimental archaeology project. I have completed just one band so far which was so much fun and very encouraging as it worked and looked great but I know I can improve! I’m a teacher of both dance and a variety of fibre craft, so hopefully my feedback would be useful. But I don’t speak German – so if your videos are in English I’m keen to take part from the UK

  5. Julia Erickson says:

    Hallo! Ich wäre dabei wenn du noch wen brauchst. Habe schon 2 einfache Bänder gewebt, aber noch nie eines selber begonnen und habe noch keine extensive Erfahrung damit gemacht. Also nicht ganz “blutiger Anfänger” aber sehr nahe daran.
    Bin noch eine Weile mit Baby zu Hause – Zeit hätte ich also. Habe Brettchen und Webrahmen.

  6. Barb Klessig says:

    Katrina, I’m up for helping you test the product, provided you did it in English. My German is VERY rusty and it’s from high school, so I don’t know how well I’d fair.

  7. shopadmin says:

    Thank you everybody – that is a lovely flock of guinea pigs. Yes, it will all be in English, Barb – so no need to de-rust that German : )
    There is one last spot left to fill, and then you’ll get stuff from me – not before week after next at the earliest, though.

  8. Randi Sørby says:

    I would love to join in on this. I do not have a lot of experience but done a lot of other types of weaving, and one tablet weave. Hope that is ok.

    • shopadmin says:

      And you’re the last to make the list full – welcome to the flock! I’ll contact you all as soon as I have recovered from the conference next week 🙂

  9. carol huff says:

    Sign me up!

  10. carol huff says:

    sign me up! As the first alternate

  11. Helaine Miller says:

    I have not tablet woven for awhile, so I’m like a beginner, lol!

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