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Links for you.

Time for some links again!

If you like books, and old things, you might be delighted by the item that the Bodleian acquired a while ago, and which is now featured in a display – a 15th century book coffer, one of just over 100 known to exist.

Also related to books, though to more modern ones: The CTR acquired the archive belonging to the Danish textile researcher Margrethe Hald in 2006, and now they have also acquired a grant to digitise this archive, making her work accessible to academic researchers and the public. The digitisation work is taking place right now and is scheduled to be finished on April 30. The plan is to have a full bibliography plus copies of articles, books, slides and photos available on the CTR homepage. This is glorious news, and I’m very much looking forward to this! Here is the info about the project on the CTR homepage (there is nothing of the archive available yet, but some more info about Margrethe Hald and the project).

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