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I will be out of office due to a conference and thus unable to send off orders between September 19 and 25. Any orders submitted during that time will be sent off as soon as possible after my return.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience!

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Fascinating Book Stuff.

By pure chance, I stumbled across a curious and fascinating thing to do with books a while ago: Fore-edge painting.

You never heard about that? Welcome to the club – I had no clue what that meant, so I looked it up… and it’s amazing. Let me try to explain.

When you open a book, the pages shift slightly, so that they are not completely stacked atop each other, but a bit staggered. Fore-edge painting means that you paint on these tiny staggered strips of paper that are just, juuuust on the edge of the page.

And here’s the clincher: You gilt the edges of the pages, and when you close the book, the painting completely disappears. It’s incredible, and there’s almost nobody left who does this, but I can give you one link to a crafter in the UK: Foredge Frost. (There’s pictures on the website. Enjoy.)

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