The summer has come, and it is time to take a break and go on holidays - so from July 13 to August 23, no orders will be sent out. If you place an order during this time, it will be sent off after the break.

From August 15 to August 19, I will be at the WorldCon in Dublin, with a stall in the dealer's hall. Do drop by if you're attending and say hello!

Have a wonderful summer and glorious holidays!

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Oil Light Extras, and Silk Colours.

I’m getting asked now and then about the oil light swimmers in my shop – are they available on their own? And now… they are.

With my last order of the complete sets, I was able to also get the swimmers solo, both the three-bladed and the round type. So now everyone who wants to have an extra wick-holder or five… can!

The new silk colours for the embroidery silk are in the shop now as well. I am quite in love with how the new lineup of colours looks:

I’m really happy about this. And I’m even happier that these are not the only new thing coming into the shop… there’s several things that have been in the pipeline for a while, but had not yet come to fruition. Now, though, things are moving, and if everything goes according to plan, I will have something shiny and nice in about two weeks’ time…

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