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Still technical troubles.

The blog has still troubles – it seems I can post with a little workaround, though, which unfortunately does not allow links or images. So you’re getting text only for the moment.

Things going on here? The car is emptied out and everything is back in place; there are only a few bits of after-fair-homework left to do.

I’ve also taken down the lightfastness test yesterday for a first look. After only about 7 days, there is a surprising amount of fading already! Which does mean that dyes classed as “very fugitive” are very fugitive indeed. Admittedly, our wintergarden glass seems to let a lot, if not all, UV through from how fast things faded, and there was quite sunny weather in the last days, but I’m still surprised at how fast this went. Pictures have been taken, of course, and they will get posted soon in the “result summaries” section of the Textile Forum homepage.
The birch-leaf-dyed wool strips, by the way, are fading a little already, which puts them into lightfastness class 3 to almost 4 (fading is less than on strip 3, but more than on strip 4). The recommendation for modern clothing dyes is class 4 – so they’re actually not doing too bad for a dye that is generally deemed to be “not so very lightfast” among the professional plant dyers that I hang out with…

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