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Links again.

Roman Britain had a multi-cultural population – including people with African and Middle East origins. This can, yay science! be proven by bioarchaeology – read more about it here. While we’re on the topic of Britain, there’s a petition going on to remain in the EU, and it’s being signed at quite a rate. You can have a look at the live update info site here (and marvel at the number of areas that are still voting “leave”, too!). The NYT has an article about Gucci making shoes that look a lot like Keen sandals, and Keen’s reaction to this. For those of you reading German, here is an article about a rare breed of pigs, the Schwarzes Alpenschwein (black alp pig). (If you don’t read German but like piglet photos, it’s also worth a click.) And that’s it for now – with proper links, as the blog is working for a change. Let’s see how long that holds up…
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One Response to Links again.

  1. martha krikeles says:

    I don’t suppose anyone else has a sweater like Gucci’s racist turtleneck?

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