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Wild cats in Hütscheroda.

The last part of the excursion was a visit to Hütscheroda – that’s a small place in Thuringia which calls itself “the wild cat village“.

Wild cats live in the forest next to the village – but these critters are so shy, and so well-disguised, and so quiet that to see one in the wild is an extremely rare thing. So in addition to a small path through the forest, and a longer route if you want to see more of the beautiful landscape, there are a few enclosures with male wild cats (who come from breeding programmes, they are not taken out of the wild). Chances to see one of the cats there are higher – and you are guaranteed to see them three times daily, when it’s feeding time.

You also get some info about the cats during this feeding time… and if you are lucky, a photo or two with more or less of the fence visible.

One of my lucky shots – that is Carlo.

If you are interested in wild cats, this place is definitely worth a visit! In addition, they are now having a lynx pair, in hopes of breeding some more lynxes. We didn’t get to see these, as they are freshly arrived, but they will soon go into their enclosure.

Wild cats make funny faces, too.

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