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Friday before last, I had a Grand Day Out – I hopped onto the train early in the morning to go to Lorsch, or rather to Lauresham, in preparation for the European Textile Forum. Usually, we have this little conference … Continue reading

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As promised yesterday, here are a few more weighty (hah!) or so thoughts, and a bit of background. As I child, I was normal-weight, and fairly active. All during school, I stayed at normal weight, with fluctuations between summer and … Continue reading

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It’s a personal one, and it’s a health-related one, and I am very happy about this, so you are going to get a long and rambling post. Or two. Exactly three years ago today, I stepped on the scales in … Continue reading

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… but they are both to spectacular things. Number one: A one thousand year old sarcophagus was opened in Mainz – here is the link to a short video report (in German). Number two is more textile-related stuff: A report … Continue reading

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Here’s some stuff about places you could go at times when there are things that might be vastly interesting: The CfP of the EXAR conference in Vienna, September 26 to 29 2019, is ending on June 15. You can send … Continue reading

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While bicycles may be a modern thing, and thus a modern solution to the sustainable transport issues, overuse and sustainability are not a modern thing or concern. This shit has history. Lots of history. Case in point? Overfishing. This was … Continue reading

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