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Looking for more yarnwinder pictures didn’t only end in my having way, way too many tabs in the browser open (I will deal with that, hopefully, tomorrow), it also meant I had a look at my bookmark list for picture … Continue reading

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The cat, bless her little furry behind, has the luxury of hanging out on the couch, or on her cat beds, and sleeping as much as she likes… which she has liked to do a lot these past days, when … Continue reading

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Sometimes, things tend to cascade into other tings to do. Today is a prime example of that happening. Things I did today? Restocking my spinning kits was one of the tasks due. The wool bits were already stacked on the … Continue reading

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One of the leads to more depictions of yarnwinders (from two people, independently, the Internet is a small place after all) was to the North Porch portal of Chartres cathedral. There are, among many other things, scenes from the active … Continue reading

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As usually when I’ve been away for a few days, there is plenty of things stacking up that need to be de-stacked and processed and done and so on. So I’m trying to get back on track, whittling the mails … Continue reading

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I’m back home, my colleague is back home, and the Bernuthsfeld Man reconstruction is home, too. He has a lovely spot in the OLME in Emden now, right at the end of the exhibition part about the find and the … Continue reading

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Well, not completely destroy – but it is finally the time to finish the Bernuthsfeld tunic by adding some bits of usewear, mounting it on the shiny new figurine and then setting it up in the museum. Which means I’m … Continue reading

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