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Apart from the work on the Bernuthsfeld tunic, I’m also preparing for my bit of programme for the European Textile Forum, which is drawing closer and closer. In the usual mix of optimism (“I can do that! In time! No … Continue reading

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You might remember that a while ago, I posted about having a project for a reproduction of the tunic worn by the man from Bernuthsfeld. Well, it’s time to get the project into the next stage – which means I’m … Continue reading

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What about these small spindle wheels with crank drive, though? They did get a mention already. Usually, the really small ones are winding wheels to wind bobbins or pirns for weaving, and are not really suitable for spinning. That does … Continue reading

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Now that you know my thoughts on what is important on a spindle wheel for spinning, you might want to check out what other people think, or get some more information about these wheels, and a few other perspectives on … Continue reading

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Occasionally, I get questions about spindle wheels in my mail, usually from people on the hunt for one, and sometimes including the question about where mine is from. There’s several possibilites to get one – ebay is certainly one, though … Continue reading

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I’m back home, there’s an insane to-do list (which includes my fair homework, of course and as always after a fair), and here’s pics, as requested, to prove it did happen… The beautiful baroque garden and, in the background, the … Continue reading

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If you’re a numbers person (as in somebody who easily remembers numbers, lucky you) and a textile archaeology nerd in addition to that, the two numbers in the blog title might ring a bell for you. If not, let me … Continue reading

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