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Let me tell you about buttons. Not the kind to close your garments, but the kind with a pin on the back that you pin to your clothing, or backpack, or whatever, to make a statement. Though I rarely wear … Continue reading

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that we have the privilege to be door-openers and can-openers for a little (though really not so little) cat. Things that you might not know about said little cat: … Continue reading

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If you’re looking for things to go to, or something to read, here are possibilities: The EXAR conference, which will take place in Vienna on September 26 to 29, has its programme online. Registration is possible via their website, with … Continue reading

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First things first: I love the EU. I love what it makes possible, and that it slowly, slowly brings us all closer together. The Euro has made things a lot easier (though it was certainly bad for my currency conversion … Continue reading

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One of the things that come with me whenever I am travelling, apart from the World’s Best Thermos Mug, is a set of cutlery. We actually bought that for our camping travels, when obviously you need cutlery, and I tried … Continue reading

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It’s fully feeling like summer here, I’m working on the lace chapes and on fiddling some more (and better) with metal stuff and doing some fun tablet weaving on the side and sending off orders… and there’s the summer break … Continue reading

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Something that has happened to me time and again: I look at some medieval Thing. I sort of try to figure out how it was made. I read up on more details of the Thing, and the Type of Things. … Continue reading

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