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It’s time for a link roundup again – here you go: In German: Why a bicycle manufacturer sends his bicycles in cartons with a TV printed on them. There’s a knitting card game on Kickstarter – where you can knit … Continue reading

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With the bonus warp, I’ve done some playing around – one thing I wanted to test was using a warp spreader (also known, in this testing instance, as “common comb”) and see how this would work for me. Another thing … Continue reading

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Today is earmarked for finally, finally sitting down and getting the book-keeping up to date. Tax day is coming up, and I’m woefully behind with the keeping of the bureaucratic side of things, so it’s paying bills today, marking bills … Continue reading

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Bruce’s comment about the multi-spouted pot being maybe used as a lamp (thank you, Bruce!) was, it seems, not the first one. There’s a German article about special forms, though, that comes to the conclusion that these multi-spout pots generally … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a day for taking photos – because, well, the Newsletter for January was still to go out, and I actually had an exciting new thing for that one, which unfortunately had to be put into the shop before … Continue reading

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One of the things about archaeological experiments is that they always take longer than expected… and then, in the aftermath, there’s… the aftermath. Which, in the case of the Pompeii Dyeing Experiment, involves making reference cards for the different dyeing … Continue reading

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I’m back, and now there’s the usual things that need to be done after an event which included the shop going for a little travel: Putting everything back into place, for one thing, and re-filling stuff, plus re-ordering, in some … Continue reading

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