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It’s a bit colder again outside, even though there was more sunshine to make up for it. I’m a little tired and a lot busy with all kinds of writing-related work, which sucks all the creativity out of my brain, … Continue reading

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The cat, kind soul that she is, wanted to let me know she thinks my keyboard could use a bit of a cleaning. As she is perfectly and clearly understandable when she meows and purrs, but her human personnel are … Continue reading

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Things happening here, in no particular order: The cat is sleeping. Well, mostly – sometimes she wakes up and goes “meow”. Sometimes she wakes up and has an itchy ear, which results in something like this: The first seeds from … Continue reading

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Thank goodness it’s Friday! There’s a few more things to write and sort and do, and then it’s time for the weekend, which I’m really looking forward to. While I still have things to do, the cat is, ever helpfully, … Continue reading

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As announced in the title, here you go – a gratuitous cat picture: I’m always amazed at the funny positions that cats sleep in. Sometimes, this furry being starts to move herself over to lie on the other side, but … Continue reading

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It’s almost that time of the year… when most of us get a few days off work to hang out with friends and family. When the nights are longest, and the days shortest, and we know it will get lighter … Continue reading

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Routledge Publishing is doing a “Themes in Archaeology” thing, and they have finished setting up their themes now. To celebrate, the articles under these groups are free to read until April 30, 2017 –you can find the theme collection here. … Continue reading

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