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I definitely need more hours in a day. Or more nights that miraculously turn out to be working nights, yet still deliver rest. Or something like that. Yesterday, for instance, was totally gobbled up by work on the Textile Forum … Continue reading

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Actually, this title is half a lie, because only one picture is an actual garden pic – this one: It’s a surprise gladiolus that one day just turned up here, and now it’s blooming brightly red and standing tall. Well, … Continue reading

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While I was away having fun, things were going on back home. Garden things, mostly – the lawn growing like crazy, just like the willow fence. But also nicer, more edible ones: The beef tomatoes (a variety I’ve had not … Continue reading

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It has been a while since you got garden pics – high time to change that! Bees are visiting this not-real-sage plant, enjoying the nice purple flowers. Speaking of nice flowers (though not purple): Nasturtiums in full bloom. And I … Continue reading

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We went off to harvest some cherries a while ago, and together with loads of them, we accidentally brought back this guy: Which, the Internet helpfully tells me, is the caterpillar of Orgyia antiqua, the rusty tussock moth, or, in German, … Continue reading

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This day.. somehow got away from me. Or at least it cunningly succeeded at hiding the fact that I hadn’t blogged yet. There were a lot of things getting done, and with this and that and then a phone call … Continue reading

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Things happening here, in no particular order: The cat is sleeping. Well, mostly – sometimes she wakes up and goes “meow”. Sometimes she wakes up and has an itchy ear, which results in something like this: The first seeds from … Continue reading

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