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The Library Digitisation Unit of the University of Southampton has a Knitting Reference Library with Victorian knitting manuals and other old and really interesting knitting reference books and instructionals. They also have, under the section slightly misleadingly titled “Knitting Patterns”, … Continue reading

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We went off to harvest some cherries a while ago, and together with loads of them, we accidentally brought back this guy: Which, the Internet helpfully tells me, is the caterpillar of Orgyia antiqua, the rusty tussock moth, or, in German, … Continue reading

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Birka is a rather well-known find place for quite a few textiles, including tablet-woven bands, and a frequently cited resource. The publications are not the newest, and in this case, it’s in our favour – they are old enough to … Continue reading

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We’re having construction work being done (the heating system in our house needs to be replaced), and I find that I’m all out of practice ignoring construction work sounds. That used to be much, much better in the days I … Continue reading

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I’ve been pointed to a map/collection thing called The Textile Orchard, where you can find artisans, textile researchers, museums, dye and fabric producers, and historical sites related to textiles. It’s always a nice thing to have collections of resources, and … Continue reading

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There’s a German proverb saying “Alles neu macht der Mai” (May makes everything new), and it looks like that is the case at least in some parts – because today I stumbled across the new, just-gone-online-a-few-days-ago version of the beloved … Continue reading

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Here is, again, a stack of things you might find interesting: A 17th century manuscript tells you how to organise your land surveying journal. Or, if you’d like to read about something else, that site has a huge collection of … Continue reading

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