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There’s been a hype (or something sort of like a hype) for knitting on big needles for a while, even extending to knitting huge, extra-thick blankets or rugs out of wool top (though why anyone would want such a dust-gathering … Continue reading

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Some interesting things I stumbled across: There’s a “Jumpers and Jazz” festival in Warwick that includes a men’s knitting circle. How cool is that? More cool knitting – there’s a guy offering scarf knitting via a stationary cycle matched up … Continue reading

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I have finished making my way up again on the first side of the Cushing Isle front part, and now I’m about to fix the mistake selvedge on the armhole side. Thankfully, it’s not as many rows to fix, and … Continue reading

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Stupidity has made a little bird nest in my brain, and I have managed to utterly and blissfully misunderstand knitting instructions. Consequently, now, Weird Things are being done here to fix this. I’ve misread the instructions for an overall stitch … Continue reading

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You might have noticed that I am actually ding more of the making fabric with sticks and string thing recently – and I thought that maybe you are interested in the knitting library I have. Which is… how shall I … Continue reading

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I’ve finally finished the five-toe socks! They still need to have the last ends darned in, but since it is currently too warm to wear them anyway, I’m not exactly in a hurry. And of course I cast on for … Continue reading

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I like to drag my knitting along with me (who doesn’t?), and my knitting bag contains, apart from the current yarn, needles, and stitches on the needles, a few extra things. These are, mainly, a crochet hook (just in case … Continue reading

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