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Apart from the work on the Bernuthsfeld tunic, I’m also preparing for my bit of programme for the European Textile Forum, which is drawing closer and closer. In the usual mix of optimism (“I can do that! In time! No … Continue reading

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I’ve been tablet weaving again, a bit, trying to wrap my brain around… stuff. I’ve used the next Textile Forum as an excuse for this, as I want to take a look at tablet weaving, or, more concisely, on how … Continue reading

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The workshop planning for the tablet-weaving is finally, finally finished. I’ve done a testrun on Wednesday, with three lovely ladies volunteering to be my guinea pigs for trying out the concept and the materials – and it was a good … Continue reading

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I had a lot of fun yesterday preparing for a tablet weaving workshop testrun – which, unsurprisingly, proves to be a lot of work. I last posted about this almost one and a half years ago, so it’s been stewing … Continue reading

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I have a stack of links to throw at you again – but before that, here’s proof that our garden knows which month we have: These are called Maiglöckchen in German – which literally translates to “May Bells”. The German … Continue reading

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A while ago – last autumn, to be precise – I was asked about a workshop or course on tablet weaving. This has been on my agenda for a while, and I have taught tablet weaving before, but not just … Continue reading

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Time for some tablet weaving stuff! (In my next life, I will manage to get more time for tablet weaving. And for napping in the sun.) First of all, a blog post about an Estonian shawl, 13th/14th century, with a … Continue reading

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