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I may or may not have found a way to consistently and quickly measure both the diameter of hand-spun yarns and their thickness variance. With no highly specialised tools for textile analysis. Actually, with very few tools at all. I … Continue reading

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A while ago, I wrote a teaser post about a plying technique that I wanted to write about – and then I almost forgot I promised you a follow-up post. While most of the ladies on medieval images have a … Continue reading

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When people ask me whether I would have liked to live in the Middle Ages, I usually answer the same: I have four very good reasons to not want to live back then – coffee, tea, chocolate and contact lenses. … Continue reading

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When we modern folks are confronted with some archaeological find of yet unknown use, sometimes speculations ensue that seem totally plausible and yet can be quite wild. That’s no wonder… knowledge dies out once something is not in use anymore, … Continue reading

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In the discussion about thread storage and the bobbin find from London, Suse said Tony said the end maybe looks a little bit like any technical adapter, but that´s really speculative 😉 And this made me remember again a post … Continue reading

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First of all, thank you to all you commenters who shared their method of storing thread!Seems that I am not uncommon in my approach to re-wind only some of the threads, and on different things. One fact that I have … Continue reading

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I’ve almost won my struggle with the unwieldy article – just the pictures left to insert, a once-over on the text and bibliography, and then it’s finished. Whew! In other progress news, I did a bit more on the play-band … Continue reading

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