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After figuring out the letters, and how much space to leave between words, and how far the lines should be apart, one more thing remained to do: the layout. Measuring the ratio between height and width of the knitting, and … Continue reading

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While at the topic of buttons related to knitting, well, there’s one utterly classical phrase that lots of people find funny, or appreciate, or want to use as a heads-up for their environment. Which, of course, needs more letters than … Continue reading

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Let me tell you about buttons. Not the kind to close your garments, but the kind with a pin on the back that you pin to your clothing, or backpack, or whatever, to make a statement. Though I rarely wear … Continue reading

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It’s fully feeling like summer here, I’m working on the lace chapes and on fiddling some more (and better) with metal stuff and doing some fun tablet weaving on the side and sending off orders… and there’s the summer break … Continue reading

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Something that has happened to me time and again: I look at some medieval Thing. I sort of try to figure out how it was made. I read up on more details of the Thing, and the Type of Things. … Continue reading

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I’ve been asked about proper, nice, authentic lace chapes again and again over the past years… so this has been on my list for ages now. Lace chapes, for those of you not into medieval dress accessories, are like the … Continue reading

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Back in 2016, I decided to finally give in and get myself a smartphone. One of the reasons for this decision was that I wanted to offer customers on fairs the possibility to pay via card – and to do … Continue reading

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