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There’s some more mini stuff going on here at the moment, though this time, it is actually work-related… and weaving-themed. When I explain textile techniques, one of the basic things that come up again and again is weaving – especially … Continue reading

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Somehow life feels like a whirlwind right now – so many things happening, coming up, or being under way that I sometimes feel like a child in a sweets store, with a wad of money held tight in my fist, … Continue reading

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A while ago, I got a commission for a gold and silk band, woven on the rigid heddle. Which delighted me no end, since I just love working with these materials, and I love rigid heddle band weaving, and the … Continue reading

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Things happening here, in no particular order: The cat is sleeping. Well, mostly – sometimes she wakes up and goes “meow”. Sometimes she wakes up and has an itchy ear, which results in something like this: The first seeds from … Continue reading

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I’m back home from teaching! It was lovely to be in Paderborn, and I really enjoyed the city in springtime – there was a blooming magnolia right in front of the place where I stayed, perfuming the air. I had … Continue reading

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It’s really warm and sunny outside, almost unseasonably so. Since it has been frost-free for a while and there has been some rain, that means it is warm enough, and there is water enough, to finally wash the wool from … Continue reading

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Today was a bit more productive than yesterday, when I got sidetracked way too much (with small, sensible tasks – but still sidetracked, and it still meant I did not get through my list of things). So now, the monthly … Continue reading

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