Oil light (three-bladed swimmer)

Oil llights are a source of light with a lot of history - and very versatile, as any vessel large enough can serve as an oil light. For this, you fill a bowl or glass with a bit of water, top it off with some (vegetable) oil, place the wick-holder on top of it and light it. The amount of oil will determine how long the light will last.

The three-bladed swimmers are made by Glafey in Nuremburg since the nineteenth century. Lighting with the help of an oil lamp, with oil on top of water and a wick in the oil, have been around in the Middle Ages already: Several illuminations show a cone-shaped glass lamp hung with chains.

If you are looking for the simplest version possible, this is your oil light: An oval cardboard box holds one three-bladed swimmer (c 3.5 cm diameter) and 90 plain wicks (without paper holder). Additionally, you get a pair of tweezers so your fingers can stay clean when changing wicks. 

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