Warping Pot

The six-spouted pot, found in Pfakofen near Regensburg, was in a context which clearly pointed to some association with textile work. In the literature, it is often referred to as a pot used for plying yarns - but historical plied yarns are, with extremely few exceptions, always made from only two singles, and no pot is needed for this plying.

Several tests, though, among them one taking place at the European Textile Forum 2009, have shown that pots of this type are indeed very helpful textile tools - for making tabletweaving warps. They are brilliant to make warping easier and avoid tangling of the threads. Since it is possible to lead two threads through each spout, they offer enough possibilities for several colours, for instance a two-coloured band with differently-coloured edge tablets.

To use the pot for warping, prepare your warping balls. Place each ball into a small bowl or other container, then thread the yarn end through one of the spouts into the pot and back out through the large middle hole. For 6 balls or less, you can use one spout for each ball.

Now thread the yarn ends through your tablets for continuous warp tablet weaves, or fix the yarn ends to your warping setup for other warping methods. Place the pot with the accompanying bowls approximately in the middle between your warping poles (this is more important for longer distances than for short ones). Pull your warp yarns upwards, and they will flow smoothly out of the pot.

The pot offered here is closely oriented on the pot from Pfakofen, but fired in a modern kiln.

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