Oil light (round swimmer)

Oil llights are a source of light with a lot of history - and very versatile, as any vessel large enough can serve as an oil light. For this, you fill a bowl or glass with a bit of water, top it off with some (vegetable) oil, place the wick-holder on top of it and light it. The amount of oil will determine how long the light will last.

Swimmers for oil lights have been made by Glafey in Nuremburg since the nineteenth century. Lighting with the help of an oil lamp, with oil on top of water and a wick in the oil, has been around in the Middle Ages already, though: Several illuminations show a cone-shaped glass lamp hung with chains.

The round cork swimmers are a little smaller than the three-bladed swimmers - which means they will fit perfectly into a regular-sized glass holder for tealights. That makes them a lovely, eco-friendly alternative for tea lights: no aluminium waste, no stearine or paraffine, and at a similar price to normal tea lights. They also need much less space to store than a stack of tea lights!

The tin contains the swimmer, about 50 wicks in a paper holder, and a pair of tweezers so your fingers can stay clean when changing wicks. The size of the flame can be influenced by how the wick is positioned in the paper holder.

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