set of oil light (round swimmer), glass container and lid

This oil light set will let you replace a normal tea light with an eco-friendly oil light, whether to keep your tea nice and hot or just to add a little bit of candle light to your life: : no aluminium waste, no stearine or paraffine, and at a similar price to normal tea lights. They also need much less space to store than a stack of tea lights.

The set consists of a tin with the wick-holder and about 50 wicks in paper holders, a pair of tweezers to keep your fingers clean when changing wicks, a glass container (a little larger and higher than a regular tea light) and a metal lid that fits exactly on the glass.

To use, fill the glass with a bit of water (to the bottom of the fluting or a little higher), then pour some (vegetable) oil on top. Place the wick-holder into the glass, insert a wick and light it. The size of the flame can be influenced by how the wick is positioned in the paper holder: pull it out a bit more for a higher flame, or make sure there is not much wick coming out on top for a small flame. The light will burn until all fuel is used up and then burn out. To extinguish the light while there is still oil left, place the lid on the glass - the lid also prevents dust or flies from falling into the glass between uses.


Price: 6,00 EUR
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