real gold thread, 10 m

Real gold thread is the typical medieval metal thread. It consists of a silk core thread (it's undyed here) that is wrapped with a slim, very thin strip of metal in a tight spiral. The metal strip is typically made from gilt silver, pure gold was very rarely used, due to its very high price.

Unlike most modern metallised threads, real gold thread is a little stiffer. The quality offered here, however, is surprisingly flexible. The very thin gold threads (c. 0.2 mm in diameter) is usually stitched down or used as brocade weft two at a time. For embroidery, it is couched; for brocading, it can be used with all weaving techniques.

The thread sold here was modeled after a find from the 12th century graveyard in Villach-Judendorf in Carinthia, Austria. It corresponds to the typical gold thread used in the Middle Ages - diameter of about 0.2 mm, silk core thread wrapped in gilt silver. The thread is wound onto a reed core.

For large quantities, a discount can be arranged.

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