Set "Historic Spinning"

Get started to spin in the medieval manner with this set containing distaff, spindle stick, spindle whorl and instructions on how to dress your distaff with wool.

The distaff is the "third hand" when using the reconstructed spinning style of the Middle Ages and is indispensable for spinning wool. The distaffs offered here are equipped with a linen band to hold the fibres. Spindle sticks are beech wood, spindle whorls have a weight of 20-25 grams (if you would prefer a different weight, just state that in the comments). You can choose between a wheel-thrown whorl (brown, light reddish, or red) or a hand-formed whorl (black, grey, or some mixture of black and grey due to the redux atmosphere when firing).

The distaffs are approximately one metre in length. The wooden parts are either round dowels (beech, fir, birch, oak, ash, linden or walnut) or natural wood (willow or hazel). The natural wood versions may be a little longer than the dowel versions and are usually not as straight. If you have a preference for a kind of wood, please tell me about it in the comments when ordering.

Price: 28,00 EUR
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